Chet Baker Jazz Center

Yale Oklahoma is the birthplace of Chet Baker.
Yale sits on OK Highway 51 just 30 miles to the
west of Tulsa.

In October of 2015 the City of Yale and the Chet
Baker Foundation, Bruce Guthrie executive
director, teamed up to hold the inaugural Chet
Baker Jazz Festival.

Guthrie is now beginning a fundraising campaign
to purchase and bulidout a Chet Baker Jazz
Center in Yale.

The center would display photos, music, and, with
permission of the Chet Baker Estate, LLC, special
display of memorabilia.

The spaces being considered are 1300 sq. ft.

Guthrie is willing to give a museum quality framed
Herman Leonard silver gelatin (24"x22")
was one he sent as a gift to the Baker family after
Chet's death...and a CBJC naming right, for a
one-time donation of $35,000 (letter of authenticity

For $100 you can have a poster from the
inaugural Chet Baker Jazz Festival.

For $30  you can choose 1 of 4 Baker family
produced CDs:

Live at Rennaisance  II
Live at Gaetanos
The 50s

(click here to see CD covers)

Please donate what you possible can  in support
of the legacy of Chet Baker.